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Outerwear - Made in USA?

Posted By: JABHunting

Outerwear - Made in USA? - 04/17/21 07:43 PM

I am looking for a few items, particularly a jacket, for an Alaska trip. I looked to Sitka but was turned off by Made in China. I ordered Kuiu because it said Made in Canada, but quickly cancelled when I discovered they too are made in China. Is there any Made in USA outerwear? I know of a few good products from Sweden, France and Hungary. I will buy those first before Chinese made, but I prefer USA origin.

Posted By: Erny

Re: Outerwear - Made in USA? - 04/17/21 08:06 PM

If your looking at high end stuff like Sitka, Kuiu, First Lite etc your out of luck. Personally I hate buying the Chinese made stuff but don’t really have a choice. There are plenty of work type jackets and outer wear made in the USA, but the stuff is not really made for hunting.

What brands did you find that were not made in China?
Posted By: JABHunting

Re: Outerwear - Made in USA? - 04/17/21 08:17 PM

There's one jacket from Schaeffer Outfitters that I am seriously considering. Their Blacktail Quilted Rangewax jacket. Also, the Blackstock (brand) Altitude jacket. Other than those two Made in USA I don't see anything that fits the order.
Posted By: BOBO the Clown

Re: Outerwear - Made in USA? - 04/17/21 08:24 PM

You will have to mix and match

You can start with a berry complaint search
Posted By: Judd

Re: Outerwear - Made in USA? - 04/18/21 03:09 PM


I don’t know much about them but I too have thought about purchasing their stuff just because of the made at home reason. Good luck!

Re: Outerwear - Made in USA? - 04/19/21 03:51 PM

Posted By: JABHunting

Re: Outerwear - Made in USA? - 05/05/21 09:54 PM

I have to say, Schaeffer's Outfitters in Fort Worth were very helpful in getting me a jacket and other laying garments to meet my needs. Some is not "camo' but still will do what I need it to. Blackstock clothing also proved to be willing to help and is Made in USA
Posted By: Creekrunner

Re: Outerwear - Made in USA? - 05/05/21 10:09 PM

Another Schaeffer fan here. I have their waxed ranch coat and...a silk cowboy neck scarf. Yes, I use the scarf. It works (in the winter). grin
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