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Old, new cap

Posted By: Creekrunner

Old, new cap - 01/24/21 07:50 PM

Here's a cap that I've saved so many years, it's now hip. 'Have no idea for sure where it came from, but it may have been a sample for our family company that had similar promotional caps made. [Linked Image]

And here's the impressive part...

[Linked Image]

Are there American-made caps anymore? 'Thinking about having some good ones made with the ranch brand.
Posted By: TCM3

Re: Old, new cap - 01/31/21 02:51 AM

Might look into Kati sportcap and Bag, that's who made President DJT hardware.
Posted By: chalet

Re: Old, new cap - 02/03/21 09:13 PM

Nice. I do some thriftin with my girls and main thing I like to find is good, older, made in the USA hats and clothes.

Ordered a cap and shirt from these guys a while back, they are 100% made in the USA.

Posted By: 1955

Re: Old, new cap - 02/04/21 03:53 PM

Posted By: Always ready 2 hunt

Re: Old, new cap - 02/05/21 03:47 PM

I like that camo. maybe I'll get in some of my old trunks and dig out some old camo from my youth. I've been keeping all these years for grandkids. vintage
Posted By: Smokey Bear

Re: Old, new cap - 02/05/21 11:01 PM

That is sweet Creekrunner.
Brings back memories. I still have some of the old camo put back but I would look like “fat Elvis” if I tried to button it today.
Pimpin’ the GI Joe camo back when I was in high school in 1977. Brings back a simpler time. Me and my good timin’ buddy used to pool our money to split one box of 2 3/4” duck and pheasant and go Rock Paper Scissors to see who got 13.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: Hudbone

Re: Old, new cap - 09/01/21 04:58 PM

Never seen that pattern prior and really like it.
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