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Cuddeback Solar Panel users

Posted By: CharlieCTx

Cuddeback Solar Panel users - 08/31/20 10:41 PM

I have (2) G-Model cameras and a G-Model cell point, all with Cudde's Solar Panel/NiCAD battery backup thing. I'm not sure now, I understand how it's supposed to work and I didn't get a chance to call them today...

I thought they ran off the Solar Panel NiCAD's and only used the internal D-Cell batteries when/if the NiCAD's weren't charged. Went to go feed yesterday and found that I have fully-charged NiCAD's in the Solar Panel Battery Back (which is connected to the camera) and have dead D-Cell batteries in the camera, so the camera was in-op. I thought I had a problem with my cellpoint, but it was batteries.

How is it supposed to work?

Posted By: Texas buckeye

Re: Cuddeback Solar Panel users - 09/01/20 03:56 AM

I run J models with rechargeable AA batteries in the camera solar panel connected to camera that charges the AA batts.
My understanding is running regular AA batts would essentially negate the solar panel since the solar can not charge regular batteries.
If your panel has Nicad batts in it, then try charging that up, hooking the camera without any batts inside and seeing how that goes. My guess is that’s what is supposed to happen with D battery style
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