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Trail camera price/features

Posted By: TXRobTRX

Trail camera price/features - 04/19/19 06:11 PM


Looking to buy new cameras for the upcoming season. Past history - bought browning, bushness, and stealth - most worked most of the time. In total, we run 20-30 cameras between all of us and majority are stealth or browning, and cost $100 or less.

My question to the group is what are the critical functions do you NEED and what is a fair price. To me, the biggest thing I would want (not that it is out there) is a camera that lasts through the season (and the critters) and will make it through the season on one set of batteries. I dont need 100mp super clear HD pics and video, dont need 75 custom settings, and dont need emails of every squirrel that come by.

I just want a camera that takes decent pics, works all season, and wont break if the wind blows hard. I could see paying $200 and under for that since we seem to lose 25% of our cameras each year, and most of the $100 ones wont make it 2 full years. What do you guys think?
Posted By: Dave Davidson

Re: Trail camera price/features - 04/20/19 01:46 AM

I have about ten of different kinds. All in all, the cuddebaks seem to hold up the longest
Posted By: Mr. T.

Re: Trail camera price/features - 04/23/19 01:40 PM

Go here, read the reviews on what you want. Buy with confidence that they will stand behind what they sell.
Like you I run many camera's. I've had to return 2 in 10 years. Both times it took one phone call and new camera
was in my hands in 3 days.
Posted By: GLC

Re: Trail camera price/features - 04/24/19 07:03 PM

About 4 years ago I got fed up will the different brands of cameras that I have/had. Purchased 4 Browing's and then another 5 the next year. Command Opps and Strike Force was the models. Going on fifth year and one has died. Bought the all on sale one time or another for 75 to 100 dollars. I am pleased so far.
Posted By: Always ready 2 hunt

Re: Trail camera price/features - 07/03/19 02:10 PM

I too run a lot of cameras and have tried many brands. I wanted to have consistency and just one brand so all SD cards/computer sync. I switched 4 years ago to Browning and have had very good with Strike Force models (Strike Force Pro is my favorite). I get good quality pics, easy set up and battery life is best I have experienced. I have 11 of them. Had 12 but they are not bear proof, lol. I converted many over to solar with 12v rechargeable back up and they stay out 365 24/7. No issues, don't have to check batteries. Simply open door exchange SD card and move on. I have a couple in lock boxes ordered from trailcampro.com with python cables in areas that might get unwanted visitor. So far no disappearance.

Mr. T. turned me on a few years ago to trailcampro.com that he referenced above. Suggest you check out that site and their reviews.
Posted By: Jimbo1

Re: Trail camera price/features - 07/03/19 10:18 PM

Browning Customer Service is outstanding too.
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