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Best hearing protection

Posted By: nuprofessor

Best hearing protection - 02/25/19 03:57 AM

I looked using the ‘search ‘ feature but did not find any information on what I was looking for. I am looking for some type of hearing protection that also enhances normal hearing. I wear hearing aides every day. Without my aides I am pretty much deaf. Even normal conversation with the aides in can be difficult. But wearing them while hunting is out of the question. Had a thermal hog hunt this weekend that was VERY difficult to hear (if at all) the countdown to shoot. Has anyone used a product that helped them hear whispered conversation but also blocked out the harmful rifle shot sounds?
Posted By: helomech

Re: Best hearing protection - 02/25/19 04:25 AM

Any of the electronic hearing protection should work. I have walkers game ears, but I can't wear them with my hearing aids. I have the over the ear type and the hearing muffs hurt unless I take out my hearing aids. I am pretty deaf, and can hear fine with the electronic hearing protection.
Posted By: ccoker

Re: Best hearing protection - 02/25/19 11:22 AM

I bought two sets of these like 10 years ago...
still going strong

Howard Leight

Posted By: Judd

Re: Best hearing protection - 02/25/19 11:02 PM

MSA is by far the best I've used and I started with the Howard Leights.
Posted By: TKandMike

Re: Best hearing protection - 02/26/19 01:34 PM

Has anyone used Walker Game Ears? The in ear type?
Posted By: Gumbeaux

Re: Best hearing protection - 02/26/19 04:19 PM

I have, they work great. Only issue is they eat batteries, but think all hearing aid batteries have a short life span.
Posted By: Mr. T.

Re: Best hearing protection - 04/01/19 08:06 PM

Originally Posted by TKandMike
Has anyone used Walker Game Ears? The in ear type?

I use them for everyday as a hearing aid. I have no problem with them and mine
do not eat batteries at all. I get about 360 hours out of each battery. Of course I turn them off at night when I am not
wearing them. So that is about 20, 18 hour days. Batteries I buy at Cabla's on a card that has 36 and cost $29.
The ones I wear are about $250 each. I highly recommend them.
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