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Danner Sierra Boots

Posted By: Gringo Bling

Danner Sierra Boots - 02/22/19 04:11 PM

Does anyone have a recommendation on Danner Men's Sierra Gore-Tex with 200G Thinsulate for fall elk hunting? Looking for a new boot that must Gore-Tex, but I'm open as to whether or not I want insulation. I know I don't want too much Thinsulate, but was thinking 200G would keep my feet warm and maybe I'd be able to use them in milder weather, as well.

I'm also open to other boots, as well. Was looking at Crispi, as well. Any input would be helpful- thanks.
Posted By: BOBO the Clown

Re: Danner Sierra Boots - 03/03/19 08:38 PM

Crispi has more insulated boot options. If you live in Dallas, when scheels opens you should be able to try a couple different boots on with in the crispi line. I have worn the insulated Nevadaís around a little bit and liked the fit.

My advice donít try to pick a boot for your foot. Let the foot pick a boot instead.

I personally am not a fan of anything over 200 gr of premium insulation until after Nov
Posted By: Gringo Bling

Re: Danner Sierra Boots - 03/06/19 10:28 PM

Thanks for the advice on Crispi. I'm not familiar with Scheels, but I will look them up.
Posted By: Okie Newton

Re: Danner Sierra Boots - 03/07/19 01:49 PM

I have several pair of Danner boots although mine are not insulated. They mail you the boot free shipping. If it don't fit send it back on their dime and they send you the next up or down size on their dime as well. I think that is unusual now days but gives me confidence I get a boot that fits.
Posted By: TKandMike

Re: Danner Sierra Boots - 03/07/19 05:39 PM

Courteney Selous are incredible if you're willing to fork over the cash for a pair
Posted By: Gringo Bling

Re: Danner Sierra Boots - 03/08/19 12:48 AM

I take it those are pretty close to the Westley Richards boots. Those donít really do me any good- I need waterproof and warm situations. Nice boots, but not really for fall hunting in Colorado when snow can be on the ground, or Iím crossing lots of creeks, or hunting in the rain.
Posted By: Gringo Bling

Re: Danner Sierra Boots - 03/08/19 12:50 AM

Scheels looks impressive. I am actually pretty shocked that they would want to come to DFW considering the established competition.
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