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Garage Target Setup

Posted By: TXHunter0619

Garage Target Setup - 07/14/21 12:05 AM

Planning to setup a garage target to work on form and stay in shape. Thinking min 5 yards, max 20 yards (end of my driveway, provided the neighbors and police don't mind...). Hoping to avoid putting holes in the walls and worse...making the wife upset.

Wondering what targets and backstops folks are using?
Posted By: kmon1

Re: Garage Target Setup - 07/14/21 02:34 AM

Horse stall mats on wall and bag target hanging in front of it. That is for field points only but can also put a Rinehart or block type target in front of the backstop.
Posted By: TXHunter0619

Re: Garage Target Setup - 07/18/21 12:46 PM

Thanks kmon1, was thinking the stall mats is probably a good bet in case of the old twitch. Have you used the rinehart blocks? Been looking at Bulldog and Matrix as well, but the price points start to jump very fast. Thanks again for your input.
Posted By: kmon1

Re: Garage Target Setup - 07/18/21 02:00 PM

Rinehart is what I have been using for years, the little 18:1 target and from using them on a archery shop target range they will outlast several blocks so take that into account in the pricing. They are harder to remove the arrow from but to me not that bad and a little release agent on the arrow shaft helps a lot with that if needed.
Posted By: TXHunter0619

Re: Garage Target Setup - 07/20/21 01:54 PM

Good to know, appreciate your input. I'll have to go take a look, think Academy carries them every now and then at a decent price point. Thank you for the perspective.
Posted By: stxranchman

Re: Garage Target Setup - 07/20/21 10:42 PM

Posted By: TXHunter0619

Re: Garage Target Setup - 07/21/21 03:30 PM

Solid price point stxranchman, appreciate you sharing. The stall mat is definitely a must have to keep the wife happy in the event I miss! Thank you
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