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Muzzy Old School

Posted By: cleboje

Muzzy Old School - 04/28/21 02:19 PM

I have always liked/used the Muzzy 115gr 4-fixed blade broadheads...they are tough, dependable and put animals down quickly as long as I put them into the boiler room.

However, the last time I went to the local big box store, they were no longer on the racks...has muzzy ditched my favorite BH for the latest mechanical flavor of the month...?

Anyone else still use the old school muzzy's?
Posted By: unclebubba

Re: Muzzy Old School - 04/28/21 03:58 PM

I used to shoot Muzzy 100 gr 3 blades as my main BH. I switched over to g5 Montecs because I can resharpen them. I do still have the Muzzy's as backup in case I run out.

A quick search shows your muzzys in stock at Cabelas online.
Posted By: Biscuit

Re: Muzzy Old School - 05/03/21 02:22 PM

Yep 125 grains for years
Posted By: Revoman

Re: Muzzy Old School - 06/24/21 08:31 PM

For many years I shot Satellite 100 & 125gr three blade. Switched over to Muzzy 100gr 3 blade and never really shot anything else.
Posted By: Phlash

Re: Muzzy Old School - 08/16/21 02:50 AM

I still shoot Muzzy for deer and elk. I hope to find another boiler room in 3 weeks in Colorado with one.
Posted By: nacgoat08

Re: Muzzy Old School - 08/18/21 07:15 PM

I started off shooting the good ole fashion Muzzy 100gr 3-fixed blade broadheads for a number of years but switched to Shuttle-T locks about five years ago. Good luck on your search.
Posted By: cowboybam58

Re: Muzzy Old School - 09/03/21 12:33 PM

I have recently found the 100 grain Muzzy 4 blade back in stock at my local Academy in Abilene and at Cabelas in Ft. Worth 2 weeks ago. These were my favorite as well. Watched my buddy blow through both sides of an elk at 45 yds with this head. Glad I found them again.
Posted By: 1 bois d arc bow man

Re: Muzzy Old School - 09/08/21 08:27 PM

Originally Posted by Phlash
I still shoot Muzzy for deer and elk. I hope to find another boiler room in 3 weeks in Colorado with one.

banana Jealous just now read this 9/8Have not been since 2015. have hunted s.w col. for years,[ when tags were les than300$. yep old may have one more left in me. Miss the hi country. Best of luck. In for a good story.
Posted By: ppeeks59

Re: Muzzy Old School - 09/14/21 02:50 PM

I've always shot Muzzy 100 gr 3-blade fixed broadheads and still do -- they work and follow the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" rule. I got some NAP Shockwave 3-blade 100 gr mechanicals as a bonus gift once, and they are in the broadhead case, but I have never used them.
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