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Bow Repair

Posted By: FullDraw55

Bow Repair - 04/20/21 01:36 PM

I have a bow that has one of the pound adjustments stripped out. Is there somebody around Wylie without me going to bass pro and paying $100 to fix us that can do it and I will pay them
Posted By: kmon11

Re: Bow Repair - 04/21/21 03:52 AM

So the limb bolt is stripped out? A few bows that is a captive type nut but on most the threads are tapped into the riser. Some manufactures might cover it on warranty depending on evidence on the stripping of the threads. Other than that you would be looking at drilling and tapping the riser and for that the bow would have to be disassembled drilled and tapped with same turn per inch to keep the turns even but with a larger bolt and many bows that could be a challenge then put back together time and tune the bow after complete disassembly and put back together. Pretty tall ordr for most shops. Counting shop time getting another riser for it could be the cheapest route to go depending on the bow itself.

Curious which bow is it. There are some shops around other than BP that could do it and if it were my bow I would not take it to Bass Pro or Cabela's for that kind of work. They may or may not have someone that I would trust to do the work.
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