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A little trad shooting this morning.

Posted By: bjankowski

A little trad shooting this morning. - 09/19/20 01:45 PM

A lot of you guys remember me from back in the day when I was a Bowtech Shooter. I went back to my first love and sold all my compound competing equipment four or five years ago.
I love shooting objects, these are all trick shots, the trick was trying to miss the other arrows smile ani. Shooting my 1970 Herters cv17 international match hunter 50#@28". I start off every morning with about 100 arrows, unless it's raining. These shots are about 20 yards, I can only get back to about 26 or so yards in my back yard. I practice from that distance for hunting, but I start off close to concentrate on my form, shooting trad leaves very little room for error in form.

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Posted By: redhaze

Re: A little trad shooting this morning. - 09/20/20 12:00 PM

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