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Best Carbon Arrow Saw?

Posted By: Bowhunt Only

Best Carbon Arrow Saw? - 02/24/20 05:06 AM

I have 2 dozen new arrows and for the first time I'd really like to cut them to length myself and glue the inserts in. I've never done it before. I always just took them to the archery shop and let them do it.

What arrow saw do y'all recommend for carbon arrows and what's the best glue?

What other tips do I need to know to cut my own arrows? Any help for this newbie would be appreciated!
Posted By: kmon11

Re: Best Carbon Arrow Saw? - 02/24/20 07:33 PM

Apple saws are easy to setup and use. The Cabela's saws are made by Apple and same applies.
Do not force the arrow through, spin the arrow as it is being cut and let the saw di the work, just cutting through the wall of the arrow, that will result in a more square smooyh finished cut

Glue, I like 5 minute epoxy
Posted By: twdjr

Re: Best Carbon Arrow Saw? - 03/05/20 01:45 PM

I have an Apple saw and it's worked fine and no issues.

I like using Gorilla impact tough glue. I've never had any issues with it. If using arrows with the HIT inserts, I'd use the epoxy that comes with them being it has a slower curing time.
Posted By: Willy

Re: Best Carbon Arrow Saw? - 03/19/20 04:25 AM

Apple saws or last chance archery has a great one as well!! Can't go wrong with eithe
Posted By: kmon11

Re: Best Carbon Arrow Saw? - 03/19/20 01:32 PM

Last chance also makes very good bow presses
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