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Where Do I Even Start?

Posted By: Abishai2584

Where Do I Even Start? - 01/18/20 01:06 AM

I've been bowhunting for 20 years, but my experience is limited to hunting in Arkansas and Kansas. That translates pretty well moving eastward or in the midwest, but I'm not sure it translates across to hunting the part of Texas I'll be in. I've never hunted "out west" and I feel like the area terrain in the cross-timbers is more like that than the dense, heavily wooded forests I'm used to hunting.

This summer I'm moving to Fort Hood. I've turkey hunted parts of north-central Oklahoma that I think might resemble the vegetation, topography, and lay of the land that I'll see at Fort Hood, but that's about it. Eastern Texas resembles some parts of LA (Lower Arkansas) pine lands, but I'll be further west than that.

Google-scouting the area, it looks like a lot of post-oak and cedar, with grassy areas. No agriculture...some hills, but knobby--not much elevation change at all maybe 100 foot change from top to bottom. I'm used to big steep mountains in Arkansas and wooded draws (some of that is in Texas) with waterways. Most creeks on Hood look intermittent and more like dry ditches or wadis than creeks.

I also expect deer numbers to be lower in the area. But as for terrain, I'm not even sure where to start. I've always been a treestand hunter--I have climbers, hang-ons, ladder stands, saddles, even a ground blind. But those, require trees that they work in. Will that even work there?

BTW, I don't want any of your spots.

Tips or pointers on what to expect, how to hunt, or scout this area (from afar on a computer) are appreciated.
Posted By: ChrisB

Re: Where Do I Even Start? - 01/18/20 04:37 PM

Welcome to Texas. I would make this same post in the deer hunting section. I believe we have some hunters on here that hunt Ft Hood. I have found I can get ladder stands in crooked oak trees no problem. We don't have near as many natural funnels here that get deer into bow range so the majority of us use bait to close the distance. Good luck.
Posted By: Abishai2584

Re: Where Do I Even Start? - 01/18/20 06:48 PM

Thanks for the welcome Chris. I'll copy and paste this into the deer forum per your suggestion. Maybe I'll get more hits in there.
Posted By: dogcatcher

Re: Where Do I Even Start? - 01/18/20 10:29 PM


Contact Sapper at this profile, he is our Fort Hood expert. https://texashuntingforum.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/users/23999
Posted By: Deer-getter

Re: Where Do I Even Start? - 01/29/20 11:29 PM

It is tougher to bow hunt in W. Texas where all you have is mesquite trees but it can be done. you just have to scout it out and find the thickest and tallest mesquite tree you can find that shows signs of deer movement. a feeder will definitely help you get closer shots. good luck.
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