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Thank god for big mechanical broadheads

Posted By: txtrophy85

Thank god for big mechanical broadheads - 10/12/19 10:56 PM

Got in the blind yesterday to see how the deer were moving with the cold snap.

Was looking for a doe with no fawns or a old mature 8 I had been seeing on camera, after not much action since opening day I was beginning to get a little antsy.

As soon as the feeder went off, a group of does and fawns came in followed by a 3 year old 7 point who started running the fawns. Deeming this an acceptable cull I got in position and he quickly offered me a broadside shot at 21 yards. I settled the pin right behind his shoulder and right as I touched the release I felt myself jerk and watched the fletching disappear about halfway in the middle of his body pretty high up, I would say the very lowest point of the top 1/3rd of his body.

Knowing immediately it was a poor shot but hoping it at least caught some of his liver, I gave him about 20 min before getting out of the blind. I went and got my arrow, which I found was covered in dark blood with some bubbles.

I start looking for blood and I found not a lot, but a decent amount, enough to follow. Admittedly I’m not the worlds best blood tracker, but found consistent blood, following it down to the creek, I look in a clump of oaks and there he is dead as dollar gas about 60-70 yards from where he got hit.

Walk down and spend some time with him, then open him up for the autopsy.....not only did I catch the liver but the back of both lungs as well....cavity was full of blood.

I fully contribute this quick kill to the 3 blade wasp jackhammer I was shooting. This is the 2nd time I have made a marginal shot and felt the wide cut expandable turned what could have been a nightmare into a dead deer.

Just a PSA to whoever might be on the fence between fixed heads and expandable heads
Posted By: Tactical Cowboy

Re: Thank god for big mechanical broadheads - 10/13/19 01:32 AM

I think you’re 100% correct. If a shot is perfect, it’s probably not going to matter. But WHEN (not if) one of us makes a marginal shot, it’s nice to have as many odds in your favor as possible.
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