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Nock removal

Posted By: TiggerV

Nock removal - 06/11/19 04:20 PM

This is probably an easy one. I just got some new bolts for my XBow, and need to put some lighted nocks in. the original nocks are LOCKED in. I couldn't even get them out with pliers. Any good ideas on how to remove the cocks?
Posted By: rogerh

Re: Nock removal - 06/11/19 05:11 PM

Heat gun or boiling water then pull is what I do.
Posted By: White Falcon

Re: Nock removal - 06/16/19 05:45 PM

Posted By: TiggerV

Re: Nock removal - 06/19/19 06:00 PM

Heat gun did the trick. THANKS
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