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broadhead sharpening

Posted By: Arrowslinger82

broadhead sharpening - 09/25/14 05:03 PM

what do y'all sharpen yours with? I've always used a knife sharpener, never had any issues. but saw a dedicated broad head sharpener at academy the other day. seemed gimmicky
Posted By: Hunter Daddy

Re: broadhead sharpening - 09/25/14 09:18 PM

I use an emery cloth for my Hellrazors.
Posted By: Bullfrog

Re: broadhead sharpening - 09/25/14 10:15 PM

Those cheesy ones from academy will work, just won't last long in my opinion. There are nice ones but you'll pay for them too.
Posted By: RUM Mann

Re: broadhead sharpening - 09/26/14 03:16 AM

It depends on the head but I normally use just a regular knife sharpening stone
Posted By: ryorgensen

Re: broadhead sharpening - 09/26/14 04:08 AM

I used the knife sharpener that has the V shaped sharpener built in to plastic with the hand guard . I forget name but they're about $7 at Walmart or Academy. The main thing is too get them sharp....a lot of people don't bother. Which is crazy imo .....
Posted By: FoxTrot

Re: broadhead sharpening - 09/26/14 12:05 PM

I resharpen my Montecs. I bought the G5 sharpener. It works pretty good and the Montecs are super easy to resharpen. Now, my Rage, i usually just trash em or buy new blades.
Posted By: Aaron12

Re: broadhead sharpening - 09/26/14 01:51 PM

I guess I have to take it to the next level, just like my knives I want them razor sharp. I use the V sharpening tools to cut a new edge and then I work that edge to razor sharp with a Honing stone. If you ever want to shave you can all ways grab one my broad heads!
Posted By: passthru

Re: broadhead sharpening - 09/26/14 02:45 PM

Arkansas stone for my G5s. Plastic V thingy for my thunderheads. Or if they are nicked up just insert new blades.
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