I purchased a Sig Kilo 1600 last March from Optic Planet on sale. Last month I was finally able to take it out into the field a give it a try. I wouldn't range anything over 400 yards. We tried trees, houses and stop signs. I called Sigs customer service and they created an RMA number for me and I sent it in. Two weeks later I got a call. They said they no longer supported the 1600 unit would it be ok if they sent me a new Kilo 3K as a replacement. Absolutely I said. It took over three weeks before the new unit shipped. I received it yesterday afternoon. It has tons more features than the Kilo 1600. I'm going to pair it to my Applied Ballistic App and try it out. Not sure if I'll really use that feature much. Most of our shots are less than 400 yards, unless we head to south Texas to an 1100 yard range.

Anyone using their Sig with the applied ballistic app? What's your overall thoughts?

Great service for sure!

Distance is not the issue, but the winds can make it interesting!