I thought I had posted this here but apparently not.
The end of July in 2025 I, and some others, will be heading to South Africa to hunt once again with Louis at Sofala Safaris. This hunt will take place during the new moon phase and is during prime time of their dry season so I expect that once again, shot opportunities will abound.
Last year, during the same time frame, moon wise, 4 hunters killed 14 animals and 3 of the hunters were first time traveling to Africa guys. I have a couple of spots already filled but I will look for 3 or 4 more to round out the group.
Yes, it would be sweet to take a group of 100% traditional bowhunters. But that's not necessarily realistic as it seems our numbers are dwindling.
Louis has several different packages to choose from and most seem to choose tge traditional bowhunter package for their first trip. Even if they are shooting a compound. You'll eat well, be treated like family, and you will see animals to shoot. This is an outstanding trip to break the ice on your Africa dreams.
The trad package runs bout 3K, airfare ran me just under 2,200 and tip is suggested at 10% should you feel it was earned. Taxidermy can be done there or have your trophies dip and shipped then finished here. Taxidermy and all had me around 8k for my first trip.
Fortunately that's not all in one big hit. Get on board now and send your 50% deposit, then abot 6 months before, book your flight. 4 to 6 weeks before pay the second half of your fees. Your trophy costs are down the road another few months.
Just because you got a "package" doesn't limit your take to just those animals. Tge other stuff is on the price list. For example I had not even considered a Gemsbok but when a trophy bulk came in I spent $1300 on one anyway.
Here that animal costs around $15k to shoot.
This is going to be an epic hunt. After two trips I know the routine and can help walk you through the steps if you like as well as guide you through the Johannesburg airport.

It seems a long way out but should you need a passport yet, or just want to spread the costs out over time, then now is the time to get on board and claim your spot.

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