Amidst the narrative of professional milestones , serving in the military, and personal challenges, such as navigating through marriage, divorce, and raising children, Will Alt reveals how he maintained a delicate balance between his thriving career(s) and his commitment to family life. He reflects on the tumultuous financial storms he weathered, learning hard lessons about business and bouncing back with a renewed vigor to succeed. Taking over a struggling company and transforming it into a flourishing enterprise is no small feat, yet his story doesn't stop within the confines of office walls.

The heart of this episode lies in the what Will is currently building. We get a hint of it when he talks of initially co-founding Wilderness for Warriors, a sanctuary for veterans and individuals grappling with the scars of their past, both seen and unseen. Will speaks candidly about his personal struggles with PTSD and depression, emphasizing the transformative power of hunting and the great outdoors. It's a space where vulnerable individuals find strength and camaraderie, where every hunting trip with children and adults is a stride towards healing and understanding. This chapter of the episode poignantly highlights the therapeutic benefits of nature and the significant impact of giving back to those in need.

Looking ahead, the conversation shifts to an ambitious venture—an innovative outdoor and hunting platform that marries the thrill of the hunt with the soul of philanthropy. This upcoming project promises to leverage mainstream network TV and YouTube to inspire and engage the community, particularly focusing on the youth, veterans, and disabled.

Alt shares the challenges of building a non-commercial venture solely driven by a passion for helping others and the deep personal fulfillment that comes from such endeavors. The episode paints a picture of a future where heart-pounding hunts are interwoven with heartwarming narratives, inspiring others to join a movement centered on the human spirit.

Will recounts diverse hunting expeditions that span from the United States to the Yukon and Africa, bringing to life the friendships and experiences that hunting has brought him. But the real focus is not on the hunts themselves, but on the human connections they foster. From taking veterans on African safaris to giving a terminal cancer patient one final round of sunset hunts and memories with the family , each adventure is a thread in the larger tapestry of human connection and compassion. The stories told are a testament to the power of shared experiences in the wilderness and the anticipation of a new show that will showcase these profound encounters.

The final chapter of the episode delves into the deep emotional challenges faced by veterans post-service, touching on the often-overlooked issue of mental health. The conversation becomes an eye-opening discussion on the life-saving importance of education on explosive threats, the harrowing personal toll it takes, and the long road to recovery. It is here where a transformative discussion happens, when Will Alt talks about his failed suicide attempt for the first time ever, in public. He was dead for 16 minutes and was brought back to life. His raw and unfiltered telling of the story and its effects on him and his family were very powerful. It's a sobering reminder of the critical need for mental health awareness and support, which Will also addresses through various initiatives.

Alt leaves us pondering the imprints we leave on the world, the legacies we build, and the lives we uplift—inviting us to join a movement that's about more than the hunt, it's about the human spirit.

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