Hi there! Jeff here from Dogos of Glen Meadows where breed a resilient pedigree of "La Cocha" Dogo Argentinos derived from Cordoba Argentina. We feed our pups and personal pets a myriad of probiotic foods to forge a muscular build. So, as of now we have 10 pups: six females, four males. ready to make proponents of Dogos a fun and loving pet. Dogos are athletic, good hunters, especially for wild boars! Pups are now nine weeks, registered with the American Kennel club! Note: if unable to afford $1000,00 the price for our current litter? We have four nine-month-old pups, three males, one female. These dogs are going for $300,00 that have been microchipped, received all stages of parvo shots. I have pics of those four pups can fwd to one if interested. We are asking the minimal price to cover the vet bills. Finally ensure such athletic pups get into a good home. So, if have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 832-206-2647 or 814-823-4731 new website is up and running!.dogosofglenmeadows,com carolwagner12@yahoo.com[Linked Image][Linked Image]

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Myself and Fiancé breed akc dogo Argentino's through dogos of glen meadows based out of Laporte Texas.