In this episode, George Blitch sits down with Chet Garner, who is the creator, host, writer and executive producer for the award winning TV show, “The Daytripper”, which highlights the rich culture, outdoors and delicious foods, all throughout Texas. The show is a family friendly travel show, that has racked up 13 Lone Star Emmys in their 13 seasons. They are about to start filming their 14th season this week, and I have inside information that this one will be absolutely amazing! The show runs on PBS, nationwide, but recently Chet decided to launch a large amount of the shows on the YouTube page. You can also join the Team Daytripper for exclusive content and get some really cool gear, as well. Chet also hosts “The Daytripper Podcast - Talkin’ Texas”, which is a great listen, with new episodes coming out each month. You can also visit The Daytripper World Headquarters in Georgetown, TX, where lives and also runs the production company, Hogaboom Road, Inc. Chet has truly left his mark on Texas as much as it has left its mark on him. I highly suggest everyone take a trip on over to to follow Chet and his incredible journeys throughout Texas.

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Podcast Guests coming up soon:

Eric Morris (host of NonTypical Outdoorsman TV)

John Nores (former California Game Warden who battled the cartel's illegal marijuana growing on public and private lands, author, podcaster)

Mason Huffman (Chef at Jester King, and associate with The New School of Traditional Cookery with Jesse Griffiths)

Jesse Griffiths (Chef, hunter, author of The Hog Book, Afield, 2x James Beard Award Winner, runs the restaurant Dai Due in Austin - go eat there!, and The New School of Traditional Cookery)

Roger Davidson (3x World Champion BBQ, owner of Horizon Smokers)

Ben Masters - (Director, Author, Filmmaker - "Deep In The Heart", "The River and the Wall", "Unbranded", "American Ocelot" and more!)

Many more to announce soon!

And we haven't confirmed a date, but I have a special THF Member that I'm working on scheduling a podcast with...

Anyone you think I should interview?

George Blitch
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