I have 2 management buck hunts left for this upcoming season to book and they are high fence native deer. Property is close to Sonora Tx.
Hunt is 2 days long with 2 nights lodging and guide.
$2495 each for 1 Management buck and 1 doe. In some circumstances we can do 2 cull bucks in exchange for the management buck.
These hunts must be done by December 1st before the rut is in full swing.
-Everyone is going to ask how big a bucks are they? Well we do not go based off of size, we go based off of deer we would like taken out of the herd such as mature
8 points that wont ever be trophy quality, basket rack 9s or 10s if we see one possibly even big 7s. They could be 95" bucks or they could be 125" bucks.-

Doe hunts are $700 per person and include up to 2 does. 2 day hunt guide and lodging. I have 2 of these I would like to book and preferably have these
done by the end of November.

I will also have some big trophy bucks available in the 170" to 190" range.
Happy Hunting


I offer primarily free range hunts and also preserve hunts on 1 million acres across west and southwest Texas for native and exotic game.


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