Reading Sauerkrauts storage build thread.

I have too much”stuff”. And it all has a place. Someplace.

I live in Hurst. When we bought our home, there was, and still is, a nice Morgan building in the back yard. It’s full.

I have some rural property just South of Bowie with an older mobile home AKA my white trash trailer house.

But, I needed some place for tools, etc. A buddy of mine cut me a sweet deal on a used construction office trailer; about 25 ft. I built and filled shelves. Next I bought a new tractor with a FEL so my brother(the real welder) and I built a 10 by 24 ft metal tractor/storage area. It has 4 full bays.

Needed a place to secure my 2 new 4wheelers, and more tools and junk. So, I bought a 20 ft shipping container for those, good lumber, rolls of wire, STUFF, corn and fish food, and a couple of stand up tool boxes.

Wheel barrows and ladders(6) get to stay outdoors with farm implements, 4 trailers, antique farm implements, etc.

Grandsons seem to think that I have plenty of room for the stuff that they don’t want to haul back and forth.

Oh yeah, there’s also the POS, leaky camper trailer that my late brother left there. I’ve convinced my 5 yoa Great Granddaughter, in Seattle, that Santa Claus and his reindeer lives there while he is in town for Christmas.

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