Got my Hagerman hog shotgun up and running. I bought it from a member here. An 870 Express 12 gauge slug gun. Rifled barrel with iron sights.Ammo supposed to be lead free in my case is going to be. Hornady 300 gr. Monoflex. 10 rounds and I had it 2 inches high at 50 yards. It was only 3 inches left and 4 inches high to start with so not so tough. the short barrel puts out a nice flash near dark, recoil with a folded towel over my shoulder not an issue. It feeds a bit roughly, thinking I need to polish the chamber and the lifter needs a bit of bending. But it will do it's job making me legal to hunt on a National Wildlife refuge. My Grandson will be using a CVA Optima V2 scoped slinging 250 grain Hornady Monoflex bullets powered by 90 grains of Shooters World Multi Purpose Black.