Last week, Lady lost her first track of the season. Dad hit a red deer hind poorly on the afternoon and we weren’t able to get out onto the track until the next morning. No sign at the impact location or in the initial direction of travel, but he said he had an audible bullet impact, otherwise nothing to say how the animal was hit. We had cows with calves in this specific pasture so I opted to keep Lady on her lead for the track. This is frustrating for her and definitely has a negative impact on the track but we’ve gotten through it before. In -10 degree weather, with a 30mph wind and a half in of ice on the ground, Lady found first blood 100yds down the trail. Looks like muscle blood which did not bode well. Muscle hits I like to get on immediately and keep the animal and the blood pumping. 400yds later we found a bed and after another hundred yards we had no more sign and lady was starting to double up more and more which led me to believe the trail was starting to muddy and in the conditions and terrain felt it was quickly becoming unsafe to continue. End up calling it there and the animal was not found.

Fast forward to today and my dad shoots a doe that quickly runs into some thick stuff. Clear double lung but no blood outside the initial impact sight so a good opportunity for Lady to get some confidence back. 51 yd trail and she had the doe piled up. Glad to get her back in the win column even if it was a easy track.

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