If you've been wanting a great Alaskan moose hunt at a good price, here's your chance. A hunter had to cancel last minute leaving 1 SPOT open.

Based on the current demand for Moose lately, this is a great hunt at a very good price. At this price.......one can add an additional animal on this hunt cheaper than a lot of other stand alone moose hunts. Since this outfitter is booking into 2025, now is the time to jump on this!

This hunt takes place in the Southern slopes of Brooks Range North of the Arctic Circle with a small personalized outfitter who only takes a limited number of sportsmen each year. By limiting his hunter numbers it allows them to provide an extremely high quality, customized experience for each hunter.

Success rate on these moose hunts has been right at 95% over the years with bulls averaging 60". Bulls in this area are well known for having large tall palms, along with powerful fronts and palmated brow tines.

This area also provides an excellent opportunity for a multi-species hunt, as hunters frequently have opportunities for grizzlies, caribou, or wolves during the course of their 10 day hunt. Hunters only pay a trophy fee on secondary animals if they are harvested in addition to their Moose. Trophy fees on additional animals are.........Grizzly Bear $5,000 and Caribou $3,500.
* In addition to great moose, this area also has some great caribou. Based on the past few years migration, the dates on this hunt should coincide with the migration! If this happens, a hunter has a very high chance at taking a great bull!

The other nice thing on this hunt, is that the outfitter has his own small aircraft (floats and tundra tires) right in camp. This allows him to access the best hunting areas for his hunters and provides personalized support during the duration of the hunt. Hunting styles are spot and stalk, float hunts, and stationary calling. Accommodations in the field will consist of high quality 8’ X 8’ Arctic Ovens and Bomb Shelters with cots.

Actual hunting dates(days) are Sept. 5-14th
The 2022 hunt cost on this is $28,500 plus charter ($1,350).
Cancellation price is $24,000.00 with the charter included

The hunter will need to fly into Fairbanks on Sept. 2nd, and overnight. On Sept. 3rd, you will fly to base/main camp (lodge). The hunter will overnight at the main lodge and be flown out to spike camp on the 4th using the outfitters aircraft in camp. You will hunt Sept. 5-14th and depart back to Fairbanks on Sept. 15th.

Please call me if interested or with questions.

Brett Mattson
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