I put this under the Knives heading initially, but feel like I'm hijacking their thread. I am retired Army. I am 57 years old and I have disabilities that I try to hide as much as possible. Sometimes I appear pretty able, other times I need a cane or a wheelchair. . I still work on Ft Hood and have a total of 38 years working for the Army in or out of uniform. I really want to start learning to make the tools needed for forging and eventually some knives. I have researched all of the "programs" to start this process. I am really hoping to find someone closer to me that can mentor me and I can learn from, maybe another veteran or veterans group in the area around Ft Hood. I am partial to Cranky old guys who cuss and can be unprofessional. Even to be able to watch others in the process in real life would be great. I live in Belton. This is completely for mental relaxation, I have no aspirations of mass producing or selling anything. I just like to have the knowledge of how to make things I need. I have gone so far as to buy a Hells forge 2 burner, a Hobart welder 120/240. And to build a small workshop. I have a railroad track anvil mounted on a stump and some basic tools. I have a small boat that I can take someone out fishing on Belton as trade. As I still work full time I am only available after 430 evenings or on weekends. My children are grown and the wife wants me out of the house more than in it. The person doesn't have to be a master at the craft, they could be a country boy just like me looking for like company. Thanks for reading!! here is a picture of my soon to be completed workshop.
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