I've been trying for years to get some wood ducks to nest on my pond. I have boxes, but I also have a few wood peckers. Long story short, I finally have a pair that are nesting. I believe they are nesting in a natural tree cavity (wish they were in my hotel-like boxes but oh well).

Anyways, I want the ducklings to survive. I don't have very good cover areas for them. If you look at this map I drew up you can see where I want the coverage in what I call the "hang out areas".


These areas are two mucky parts of the pond where they like to dabble on stuff and what not. 1 foot deep at max, mucky bottom. Main pond is 16 feet deep. The male is in these spots often, female comes from nest every once in awhile.

What native aquatic vegetation can I put back in these two coves to provide some coverage for the ducklings? We've got coon issues (trapping/relocation in progress) and rat snake issues. As well as coyotes. I'm afraid of just ordering some japanese millet and throwing it out there because of fear of it taking over my pond. Cattails and sedge grasses seem nice as they are already there, but will introducing new plants disrupt anything or make it spread more? How can I prevent this?

Thanks guys