I just talked to one of our outfitters in Northern B.C. about some hunts for clients in 2023/24 and was informed of a few last minute openings for 2022.

If you are looking for a true 50"+ Canadian moose, this hunt should not be overlooked. With no moose harvested in 2020 due to the border closing, and only a few hunters being booked in 2021, the outfitter is expecting a great year!! A Boone & Crockett bull is a real possibility here! Success rates for this hunt have been consistently at or above 90% most years with bulls harvested averaging in the mid 50's with 60”+ bulls being taken each season.

The area you will hunt is an expansive wilderness area of 4,800 square miles, in North Central B.C., not too far from the Yukon border. This is a fly-in area with no vehicle access. The nearest road is approximately 100 miles away. This region produces trophy animals of all species. Hunters have a real chance at taking a true trophy class animal for each species they book. It is one of the most remote area in British Columbia and experiences little to no resident hunting pressure. According to biologists, it is one of the few areas in British Columbia with totally self-sustaining populations that are not impacted or controlled by hunting.

Hunters on this hunt can choose from boat hunts along the river, lake hunts or even alpine moose hunts. No horseback hunts here. The hunts may take place from a tent, cabin or lodge. The particular hunt will be dictated by the hunting conditions and/or the hunter's preference. With multiple lakes and 17 different outposts in his area, there's plenty of areas to choose from. Good moose hunting in this area begins in early September and the rut begins in the middle of September.

One thing nice on this hunt, is that the outfitter has his own aircraft at base camp. After arriving, the outfitter will fly the hunters to their hunt location based on hunter preference/type of hunt and animal movement/location . Any and all flying that is needed during your hunt is included in the price. If for some reason a hunter needs to be moved, the outfitter can move you himself.......one is not relying on a charter.

Due to the popularity of moose hunts the last few years, now is the time to do it. Prices for 2023 and 2024 are seeing dramatic price increases with some of the high success Alaska Yukon hunts costing close to $35.000 and up once all costs are figured in.

Hunt dates open are: Sept. 9-20, Sept. 20-30 and Sept. 30 - Oct.10th

Cost on this hunt is $21,900
Hunt is 10 hunting days, guided 1x1
Mtn. Caribou or Mtn. Goat may be added for $9,000
Additional costs will be hunting license, tags, GST tax and charter fee to/from base camp
Point of arrival/departure on this hunt is Smithers, B.C.

Any questions on this hunt, please feel free to give me a call.

Brett Mattson
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