I have a small, 75-acre tract in East Texas that I've been hunting for three seasons now. My approach has always been a simple one - keep the area quiet by parking near the gate, walking to and from the stand and leave the ATV parked until there is meat on the ground. There are no feeders because the landowner has asked me not to use them because he believes they attract hogs. That's okay with me because I enjoy hunting without them and it creates more noise when it comes time to drag out the ATV to refill them. I've killed several hogs and seen a few bucks but not anything that warranted a shot. There's been quite a bit of shooting on neighboring properties this year, some of the shots being closer than I would like. Still, I continue to see deer on just about every hunt and thankfully haven't seen a hog that needed noisy attention.

I checked my cameras earlier today and found photos of the buck below at two different locations. In this photo, he's coming from an open pasture into the edge of a bordering woodlot that I'm sure he's now taken on as a bedding area. The camera has been at this location since June so he's obviously recently decided the area makes for greater safety from all the neighboring fanfare.

If he's not already gone nocturnal and perhaps with some luck, I'm thinking a doe that got missed during the initial rut might drag him into the pasture in early to mid December. But for now, I want him to feel safe and secure in that woodlot.

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