Our property in east Tx is under contract (for a nice price banana) and should close about the end of the year, so I am good for hunting the rest of this season, but I need a plan for next year.

I'd like to find a year-round lease in general area of Young or Stephens County, where I can have year-round access to run and train bird dogs, shoot dove, hunt pigs, and maybe sigh in a rifle. Deer hunting is really a secondary concern, but I don't mind management minded rules on deer.

Some place I can stick a small travel trailer on and hide from the rat-race a weekend each month, any time of year.

Could be a small lease for just me, or as a gun on a larger lease.

Couple of grand....more if the property is right.

Not looking for this deer season. It would be something after the new year.

Any suggestion on how to look for this? If there is a paid leasing sight out there that someone can give me a first hand recommendation on, that would be great, but I am hesitant to randomly pick on. A friend tried a Hunting lease sight last year. He paid over a hundred bucks, only to find there was virtually nothing listed on the site.

We all need to practice Whoa more.