Well my streak ended at 5 sets. Have had a few sets since. As far as pigs go, I still have two of the orphans left. The one I thought I had shot but ran off squealing?
Hit him in the foot, but he's still hanging around with his partner. The last one I shot that had the clipped ear? He had the wound before I shot him, so no clue where the 1st shot that rattled him went and no clue about how his ear got clipped. . In the last week those two are hanging with a couple of other young adults now. I have a couple of lone boars periodically, one coming in on the other side of the property during a set, but staying on the other side of the fence. Never saw him except on camera. The orphans that came in with the other youngsters were there Friday evening while I was out. Never saw them but saw the older ones, solid shot on one but he ran off. Missed? No idea. I checked my sights today and should not have been a miss, The others ran off, and a Yemeni wedding celebration may or may not have ensued. wink I believe my larger sounder has split up - maybe these youngsters were from them. There is still a large group coming in to the feeder once or twice a week, not sure who they are at this point as my marker sows are not with them. It's been a year since I put the feeder up. So far I think it has a net positive as it provides some regularity to the visits which makes the visitors easier targets.

Happy Hunting