Welp, After 3 years and numerous rule changes me and my family are on the hunt for a long term year round deer lease. Been in the Lometa area an would like to stay within 100 miles of Waco if possible. Number of hunters would be myself, my brother,my 17 year old son and occasionally our wives. Usually harvest 3-4 deer a year between all of us and kill as many pigs as we can. I have access to skidsteer, dozer,hydro-ax mulcher and numerous other pieces of heavy equipment in order to help clear out some spots if the lease is a no BS long term location. We do have a camper that we would like to leave on the lease during the season (2020 Sporttrek,no junk) and we do like to sit outside and cook and enjoy the outdoors more than anything. If yall know of a place or run across something in the 3-500 acre range that half-assed affordable shoot me a text. Water and electricity would be nice but definitely electricity.We are not looking for the Boone and Crockett leases at 4k plus a gun. Just a place to harvest a few deer and help the landowner when we can. 254-733-1444. Thanks

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