Llimited hunter dove hunts for the 2021-22 season on a smaller cultivated sunflower/sorghum field near LaCoste, Texas.

South Zone, 30 minutes from downtown S.A,. 2 miles from LaCoste.

South zone regular season opening day is Tuesday September 14th. We'll hunt Saturdays through end of 1st split on Oct 31st.

$80 per gun per afternoon hunt. Will need a minimum of 4 hunters to make a hunt happen, combination of hunters work.

10 hunters maximum per hunt day, prefer 7-8 hunters each hunt. All hunts are supervised & hunters will follow all laws & safe hunting actions.

It sucks that it has to be said, but if you can't follow state laws and our field rules, don't contact us.

Expect large #'s of Mourning dove with Whitewings very possible & expect a few Asian ringnecks.

No alcohol during hunt ( earn our trust & after guns are put away a cold one or two is possible), hunters will pick up all trash & hulls.

Dirt road on south border, any S quadrant wind you will get dusted when vehicles drive by. Just be aware.

This is not pass shooting, this is hunting over an excellent planting of hybrid black oil sunflower w/birds coming to the field.

Portion of field was planted in sorghum early July for 2nd split birds which has been excellent the last 3 years.

Sept 14th ^ 285th full, most other Saturdays have hunters reserved but but still open spots

email or text to reserve for Saturday hunts.



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