I've been thinking about doing one of these threads for a couple of years now. For those that hunt public, it might help for us to compare notes to help each other succeed this year. That said, there are many hunters that know about the THF and don't have a membership skimming this site looking for information. In general, that's OK with me, but I plan on being very specific with useful hunting information so I'm limiting my info to members only. This keeps the info in house while also giving a history (as long as your inbox is clear enough).

I'm thinking about setting up a group email chat and if you want to be added just respond here or PM (Private Message) me with your current email address.
Please note: The THF PM feature is limited to 5 people, so we'll have to use email addresses to do this.

I plan on being as detailed as I can regarding the hunt conditions. Topics of thought:
* Bird density
* Hurricane effects on dove movement
* What is planted in the fields (if anything)
* How full the water tanks are (if any)
* How did you like your hunt
* How many hunters were there, etc.

I'm doing my last scouting trip today in the Central zone. I'll be back later today/tonight and if anyone wants to join, I’ll add you to the group email chat and do the write-up of what I saw.
And, this might be a good way to add those lurkers as new members too. Can't hurt, right?

Ps. If you are a new joiner and you don't know how to use the PM (Private Messages), please ask for help in this thread. The objective is to keep the information “in house”, and to use the PM feature you have to be a member.

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