I know I'm new to this forum. I'm not new to hunting or forums. I'm a long time Hunttalk forum member and somewhat an accomplished western hunter. I've taken 3 elk, dozens of mule deer and antelope and about 90 Whitetails in my 46 years. I hail from the great north of MN. I use this forum to research alot but havent joined till now.

I'm looking to swap some Great Lakes trout and salmon fishing for an Axis deer hunt. I mainly fish Lake Superior and Michigan from April-June. I fish out of a smaller 16 ft walleye boat. Weather can range from 30-80 degrees that time of year. Walleye, bass, northern pike etc.. is an option too. I'm an honest, straight shooter and a devote man. Feel free to message or email me at tjregina@yahoo.com

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