We are starting to book our early season teal hunts for the 2021 season! All of our teal hunts are in Lissie, Eagle lake, and El Campo Areas. This season is from Sept. 11th-Sept. 26th. All of our hunts are fully guided by professional guides and their dogs, all you need to bring is gun, license, hip boots/waders, and plenty of ammo. We are hunting over 15,000 acres of flooded rice, millet, DU projects and other great natural vegitation. Our work is continuous and try our hardest make sure that it is the best experience possible!

For more information call Nick:

$200 a person
$350 for Father/Son or Father/Daughter
Also offer Military Discount!
If you have any questions regarding hunts, please feel free to give me a call
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Nick Kissamis
(832) 964-8688