Hello everyone. A very few of you might remember that I got my start selling knives right here on THF about 11 years ago. I never really stopped making knives, but took a bit of a break after some moves, overseas jobs, house remodels, etc., and had very limited production for a while. In any case, I'm back at it.

This knife is one of my first to feature a new material that was introduced in 2019, but stayed mostly off the radar because of Covid. It's called Ultrex Suretouch, and is made from alternating layers of G10 and vulcanized rubber. So basically a circuit board and a hockey puck hooked up and had a baby. It's VERY grippy, even (especially!) when wet or bloody or slimy, comes in all types of colors (as long as one of them is black), and is extremely durable. The grandparent of this product was a gasket used downhole in oil wells, and the makers had a brainwave and decided to make it prettier and available for knifemakers. Cool stuff.

Here's a pic. This knife will be available soon on my mailing list. If you're interested, you can sign up for that HERE. I only send out emails when knives are available, or if there's an especially interesting announcement. Let me know what y'all think!

[Linked Image]

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