Are you interested in being a part of the largest hands-on outdoor sporting expo? Join us for the inaugural Ducks Unlimited Expo as a volunteer on June 25–27, 2021 at Texas Motor Speedway (TMS). Volunteering a minimum of 12 hours includes free admission, parking, lunch while you are volunteering, two DUX shirts and a hat. As a volunteer, you will experience the ultimate playground for the outdoor enthusiast and see how the largest hands-on outdoor expo is built from the ground up.
DUX brings the world of outdoor sports to one place and is comprised of numerous villages, including shooting, fishing, archery, conservation, dogs, biking, off-road vehicles and more. The DUX will appeal to everyone who enjoys the outdoors and brings skilled professionals and factory representatives onsite for advice and instruction as you try out the latest and greatest outdoor products. It's an event the whole family will enjoy!
Have you ever felt the need for speed? Texas Motor Speedway has you covered! By signing up to be a volunteer for DUX, you will be entered into a drawing to ride in an Official Chevrolet Camaro Pace Car. This chance will allow you the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be inside an official race weekend vehicle, and a sneak peek at what drivers see and feel while out on the track. Secure your chance and join the team today! Also,
HAVE YOU HEARD?! Volunteers who work the minimum required hours, will receive a ticket to the Saturday night Duck Jam concert at DUX. Sign up to volunteer today, and hear some of Country Music’s top rising artists!

If you or someone you know are interested in volunteering for DUX, please register online at

The Ducks Unlimited Expo (DUX) is a sportsman’s paradise to see, try and buy the latest and greatest that the outdoor industry has to offer. In the DUX Shooting Village attendees will have the opportunity to test and purchase firearms from leading manufacturers.

Below is some information about our shooting village


What Gun Ranges are at DUX?

DUX features a Shotgun range, a Rifle & Pistol 100 Yard Range and a Rifle 300 Yard Range. Besides shooting lanes
designated for each firearm factory on the Ranges, DUX also features General Lanes where you can flexibly shoot
a mix of most brands of firearms in one lane.

Can I purchase a firearm while at DUX?

Firearms will be available for purchase at DUX. Firearm Factories are attending and each factory hosts a shooting
tent on the range with firearms on display and available for live shooting. If you choose to purchase a firearm your
order will be placed and processed with our DUX FFL dealer Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters. Reeds will then ship
your firearm, with free shipping, after the event to your local FFL for final paperwork and background check.
You will not leave DUX with a purchased firearm, as no firearms will be transferred on-site at DUX.

What does it mean “Buy at DUX & Earn Bucks for the Ducks”?

A portion of all purchases of firearms and ammunition at DUX is donated to Ducks Unlimited. Five to ten percent
of all purchase amounts made will be provided to DU in a payment, net of sales tax, credit card and delivery fees.

Is there a cost to shoot at DUX?

There is a minimal fee of $5 per shooting ticket, which is good for any type of ammo needed to shoot the Demo Guns
at the range. Each ticket is redeemed for 5 shots at any shooting booth on the shotgun and/or rifle/pistol range.
You can purchase one or multiple tickets at the shooting ticket tent at the entrance of the shooting village.

Are there age restrictions for shooting?

Yes, Archery, BB, pellet, and air rifle all have no age requirements. Rifle and shotgun have a restriction of 12 & over,
while pistol is restricted to those 21 & over.

Will eye and ear protection be provided?

Eye and ear protection will be provided and required by all shooters.

Do I need to complete a waiver to participate in shooting?

Yes, all attendees who would like to participate in any activity at DUX will need to complete a waiver each day.
Visit any wavier tent to complete your waiver.

Can I purchase ammunition at DUX?
There are multiple manufacturers that will be selling ammunition at DUX. Yes, the ammunition is in-stock at DUX and
you can pick up the ammo on-site, as you leave DUX. There are daily limitations on how many boxes each person can purchase.

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