800 acres in Jones county at $15 per acre. Archery only for deer. Crossbows are acceptable. Preference given to traditional archers. grin Outside of deer season pigs, varmints, turkey, dove and quail with any legal weapon. Maximum of 5 hunters, 4 is preferable. A group who know and have hunted together is preferred. There is a camp with electric but the account would have to be set up, paid and maintained by the hunters. No water in camp at this time but we would be willing to provide water to a tank if the group wants to set one up at their camp. This is a family friendly place but guests are limited to family.
The land is for sale and has been for the six years we have owned our place next door. We obtained lease rights to it to remove some of the pressure by lowering hunter numbers on it but also to remove the rifle aspect due to how it seems to affect deer activity at feeders after rifle season starts. We may schedule a couple of off (between deer seasons) season pig hunts on the place but we would not use leasing hunters spots nor blinds and would schedule it with adequate notice.
Two bucks over 140 were taken last season on the place. Turkey numbers are good, deer numbers are good and pig numbers range from good to excellent. Lease is between Hawley and Anson, north of Abilene.
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This is not a drink and party lease. This is not an ATV park. It will be a great place for hunters willing to pass young bucks, like to kill deer, pigs and turkey and enjoy a good place to hunt.
Serious inquiries shoot me a pm.

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