Hello guys. My family and I are in search of an annual lease for long term commitment. Trophy minded folks only interested in harvesting mature 4.5yr+ whitetail and mature exotics. We are in the Tomball area and are looking for a lease in the hill country area. We would not want anything further west than Sonora and exotics (axis/blackbuck+) are a must. We would need to find a place with a cabin/lodging. Stands already on site would be a plus but certainly not required. Open to look at what's available. Ideally looking for a place with a walk in cooler, etc. Looking to spend up to $5K-$10K a year to include all feed/protein etc. We are hunters. Not looking for a get drunk and blow something up lease. Lol We are laid back professional folks looking for the same to manage a property to attain excellent trophies as the result of our efforts collectively with a family atmosphere. If required, we can provide references anytime. Hoping to find a lease for 21/22, but we are also willing to wait if needed for 22/23 for the right property. I sincerely appreciate everyone's help.

Thanks in advance everyone.


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