The judge handling the NRA's bankruptcy postponed hearings to make room for settlement talks. New York Attorney General Letitia James and other parties to the dispute allege that the NRA filed for bankruptcy in bad faith in order to evade a reckoning in New York over legal claims that James brought against the group in August. The allegations of malfeasance James has leveled against the NRA and its executives are central to the hearings on whether to dismiss the bankruptcy as a bad faith filing. Those hearings were to begin Monday, but the judge moved the start date to April 5 after the NRA argued that progress on the bankruptcy dispute had been made in talks with James' office. "It sort of feels like we are engaged in nuclear negotiations," an attorney for the NRA told the judge, "and that we have to tread lightly." The attorney said nobody should hold their breath in anticipation of a settlement, "but I do think the parties are acting in good faith and trying to see if there is middle ground as it relates to our dispute." — Will Van Sant, staff writer