Maybe I'm losing it(at 73 I have been accused of being about half brain dead) but I've noticed that my videos now started scrolling closed caption at the top of the screen. I have to say it does a good job picking up me say "I missed that" in a very low voice. Maybe it started with the last update a year or so ago and I just didn't notice it. Does everybody with SV have closed caption? Also SV stopped converting my videos so I could no longer text them while in the stand. I've deleted the SV app and reloaded but didn't fix the problem. Ended up downloading a file converter app(one time $10 charge) which solved the conversion problem. And on another note my son in law who has owned the same scope as myself(Pulsar XQ50 Trail) for over a year has never been able to get SV to work on his iphone. He kept getting the "weak signal" that some others here have noted. Then out of the blue he decided to change his setting from owner to guest and now SV is working fine and it's converting his video files.

Oh Stream Vision, thou art one unpredictable