Hey there!
So I'm here from Alaska staying in McDade for a few weeks because my wife needed some surgery that is available in Austin. While I'm here I'm looking to tip a few hogs. I hunted hogs around Dallas a few years back, but can't travel up there now to visit the ranches that I hunted back then. I know most people are not willing to let someone they don't know hunt their property because they don't know if the hunter can be trusted or not. I myself understand that and rarely hunt with anyone outside of a close few. But I'm hoping that maybe someone on here would be willing to give me a chance to prove myself in the area of McDade or could point me towards someone in the McDade area that has hog issues that need to be addressed.
So I've been a hunter education hunter off and on in Alaska for about 45 years. I'm currently a certified hunter ed instructor for the state of Alaska and have been over the last 10 years teaching basic hunter ed, bow, crossbow and black powder. I'm also a certified law enforcement firearms instructor and have been for over 30 years. I've been an avid big game hunter for about 50 years and a trapper for about 56 years.
Three years ago I was here for Christmas visiting my son whom lives here. I made the mistake of taking my son and son in-law on a hog hunt as a Christmas gift, at a Ranch that I won't name, but I am telling you it was horrible!!!! They over booked people, they were trapping hogs else where and bring them to the ranch and it was insane!! It was extremely unsafe, there were dead pigs scattered through the hunting areas and more hidden fees than you could ever imagine!! We were in our stand looking at other hunters in their stands all trying to kill the same hogs. It was just a barrage of gun fire when they would do a hog drive. We payed for a 3 day, 2 night hunt but left after the first night.
I'm looking to tip a few hogs that are causing problems for ranchers and farmers and put some meat in the kids freezer. I will gladly meet anyone face to face to see if they would be willing to let me hunt their land.
So if you know anyone in the McDade area looking to get rid of hogs, please let me know!
Thanks for reading this, good luck and be safe!

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