Hello.. I am looking for a waterfowl hunting opportunity in and around Lake Fork. I would consider a lease, a hunt club, a land purchase.
I am 68 years old and have hunted a great many years. I have owned a farm and am very respectful of a land owner's requirements.
I want the option of hunting once or twice a week through the season. I may not make a hunt each week, but I want the freedom to go as
the weather etc. is correct. I am moving to Lake Fork shortly. I have family in the area and can give references. I would prefer to not deal with the
public on Fork itself, but might consider a guide service package deal... I will want to occasionally bring one or two family members or friends.
I am not trying to bring a group on the property disguised as an " old guy" looking for a duck hunt spot. I would really want to be within 45 minutes
drive from Emory. thanks, Old Ducker