Date Hunted 11/21/20:

Clear skies with a little breeze and water slightly above normal similar to last weekend. We did see a few more ducks in the sky at our duck lease area but it didn’t make a difference as our numbers fell off from last Saturday. My blind shot 2 lesser scaup, 2 buffleheads and one spoon bill, 5 duck total. The other blind shot 2 greys 3 teal, 2 lesser scaup and 4 buffleheads for 11 duck total. Oddly enough buffleheads showed up over the week when there was none last week. We shot some redheads last weekend and they are gone. I did not see a grey duck Saturday. The duck game is in constant change mode these days.

Date Hunted 11/22/20:

We got permission to hunt some property where we shot the teal during teal season and was hoping for better results. Similar conditions to Saturday. I was surprised how things have changed there too. Not many ducks in the sky as we had seen during teal season. We had a little more action than Saturday shooting 1 mallard drake (first for the year for the camp) 6 teal, 5 coots, 2 gallinules.

The pattern established over the last five years ago is starting to take hold. With the warm temperatures the beginning of the duck season it seems the ducks we had are checking out going back north or somewhere else in the state. Years ago we used to shoot most of our ducks in the first split and with a 5 duck total for my blind Saturday things are not looking real promising. As stated earlier the duck game is in constant change and I hope conditions change for the better.

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