This is the first compound bow that I have bought in almost 20 years. I went back to shooting Recurves for a long time and 2 years ago, I found my Mathews LX compound bow that I traded in, up for sale with everything still on it. So, I had to buy it back, since it was always the one thing that I regretted getting rid of. Last year I bought an X-Stand Talon 22’ 2-man ladder stand and a Primal bullet drive climber, since I don’t have the room in my hunting blind to draw my bow comfortably, without purchasing the companies bow panels. So, I headed over to the local archery shop and asked what they had in Left handed. They came in to a bunch of G5 Quest AMP bows that the company found in their warehouse recently. I tried the bow out and it was a good fit. So, I bought it and had them throw on the old rest and sight that I was using on my LX when I sold it. I upgraded the LX sight to an Axcel ArmorTech vision sight and a QAD HD drop away rest when I got the bow back. I am still getting use to the different anchoring points, since the LX runs across my chest and gave me three different anchoring points. I have been doing archery for 41 years now and I am use to the old way that bows use to draw farther back for easier anchoring. For a low cost, bow, I am really liking how the new bow performs. I am using my old Trophy Ridge drop away rest, HHA OL Elite XL-5519 single pin sight and swapping out the stabilizer between the bows. I have been thinking about using a Bowmar nose button and a kisser button on it to give me a more accurate anchoring. I have always used the peep sights with the surgical tubIng, but switched to a standard style peep sight with this new bow. I tend to stay with the same set up that works for me. When I shoot my recurve bows, I shoot canted, instinctive style with no peep and off the shelf. I am getting great groupings with the new bow, but notice them opening up as time goes by. It’s not from fatigue and seems to be more from using a different bow without a kisser button and having the string run across my chest when anchoring. I am hoping that adding those anchor points to the string, will help me get consistent tight groupings, so I can use it during gun season. Going to be practicing every day to get comfortable with the new set up.

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