I have some great free range axis hunts available for this month and into the fall. The ranch has not been hunted all summer! We have taken some studs off this place over the years and have seen several recently we would like to get some clients on.

Spot and stalk and safari style mainly.
Can accommodate 1 to 4 hunters depending on dates.

This is a highly managed property close to town (Sonora Texas). On-site lodging and cold storage available.

Our schedule is pretty busy but let's see if we can't make it happen. This property is for sale so we will only be hunting it for a couple months. Will also be offering mld whitetail here as well, pictures below are from buck's from this ranch.

$2600 2 day guided hunt with 2 nights lodging.

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Specializing in Free Range hunts in far west Texas for Native & Exotic Game. Hunts for All budgets with Financing available.


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