We are nearing the end of the best part of Axis season. We still have several nice bucks running around. Many in the 28-32inch range. We will be offering a limited number of hunts at a discounted rate of $1950 for 30+ inch bucks. In addition, I will take off $150(each) if you book with a group that takes 2 or more on the same trip. I will also do the same deal for a single hunter if it is a weekday hunt. Our website is in the signature line below, if you have any questions that aren't answered there, feel free to message me about anything you might want to know.
Located near Junction, TX
$200 daily fee ($300 for 2x1)
Cabin is available or you can stay in nearby Junction
Rifle only...this will likely NOT be an easy hunt as our Axis are very spooky
Mostly will be done in the high fence, but might locate one in the low fence
Pictures below are recent, but there's many more nice bucks. I have been seeing big bucks almost everyday.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]