Property located in Danbury and Dayton

Lease includes teal, duck, geese, dove and catch and release bass fishing.

Danbury Area

30 ponds, crawfish ponds varying in size. Over 15 planted with duck food.

700 acre farm next to Crawfish ponds, includes 2 8 acre ponds, 1 13 acre pond, 1 4 acre flooded field hole and a 21 acre bass fishing lake for catch and release fishing. This farm also has rice planted on it.

2 other Danbury locations as well, totaling over 1000 acres, with rice being on property as well. We'll have several locations with water on this property as well.

Dayton Farm
This farm is 2500 acres.
It has 2 reservoirs, 500 acres total of water. North reservoir is 330 acres and south is 170 acres.
We will also have 2 smaller pond locations on the property, one is 12 acres and the other is 7. There is 1000 acres of fields with 480 acres of it being planted in rice.

We will have 21 groups for the entire lease with no more than 4 per group. It will run $4800 PER GROUP, several groups are already sold! In order for me to hold your group spot we will need $1000 deposit. Our next payment would be due July 1 and then August 1. We as a group will split costs for any work that is needed to be done, such as buying seed to plant. If you have any questions call me. 979.864.6942

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Triple D Duck Club