Openings for a few members to our lease/club. Near Rock Island on the north part of the Garwood prairie. We will have 28 members. Ten ponds amnd reservoirs. Blinds. Good lease for old guys, kids, and with plenty of areas to accomodate extreme hunters. Guest allowed after opening days. No groups or reservations. We leave meeting area 1 hour before shooting time. Rest waterfowl on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Roads around all the ponds. Ponds range from 1 acre to 40 acres. Have wells to all but two ponds. These have a water system made by the county to turn them into retension ponds to stop flooding on gravel roads. Most members been with the group for many years. Yearly fee is $2200.00. If interested or want me to answer questions, please send a pm. I will meet you at the lease if you are interested.